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She reaches its eighteenth meeting on Furbinentreffen motorcycle rally in Sorrento Peninsula. Thousands of bikers from all over Europe meet to share the passion of cycling. Not to be missed!

n June, another protagonist: the Ieranto Bay !A calendar of events and tours in the spectacular Bay of Ieranto . Breathwalking , breath walking May 31, August 6, September 20 and October 4 , 17:00One step after another to discover ourselves and new corners of paradise in the Bay of Ieranto … Read more

Even this summer the Ravello breathtaking sceneries are the setting for the Ravello Festival, cultural event at European level. The”Belvedere of Villa Rufolo”, the gardens sung by Wagner and the “Niemeyer Auditorium” will host concerts, shows, exhibitions and prestigious art events, all inspired by the same theme : The South. … Read more

From April 14 to 21 Speaking of Good Friday processions in Sorrento means open at the same time , a speech uniform and differentiated . In the Sorrento peninsula , in fact, between Holy Thursday and Good Friday , which are about 20 Processions through the streets of the six … Read more

Enthusiastic Councillor Mario Gargiulo after ovation for al Tasso in Sorrento Jazz Onorato yesterday evening with the folk group Agerola has graced the course while on the Italian Rai Sorrento went to ” A Place in the Sun,” a special episode dedicated to the town . ” Every day brings … Read more

Wonderful opportunity to spend a pleasant holiday in Villa Sorrento …You can visit the splendid palace and the Avenue where Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica turned the unforgettable ” Pane, amore e … “Get www.sorrentocoast.bizGreat rooms await you at Villa Sorrento ….And you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in … Read more

Ambiguous figures and popular, between myth and fairy tale, mermaids are the stars of a show that will begin at 18 Villa Fondi, Georges Vallet in the archaeological museum of Piano di Sorrento, in Ripa di Cassano. among the precious exhibits that tell the history of the area, there is … Read more

 A beautiful exhibition until 30 April dedicated to nineteenth-century drawings and sketches of Theodore Duclere the Museum CorrealePAOLO DE LUCA    Will be on display until April 30 at the museum Correale the more than 350 drawings and paintings by Theodore Duclere . On display for the first time , … Read more