n June, another protagonist: the Ieranto Bay !
A calendar of events and tours in the spectacular Bay of Ieranto .

Breathwalking , breath walking
 May 31, August 6, September 20 and October 4 , 17:00
One step after another to discover ourselves and new corners of paradise in the Bay of Ieranto with simple and natural techniques of meditation , conscious breathing and walking .

Yoga at sunset
1 and 15 June , 17 and 31 Auust , 7 and 21 September, 5th October 17:00
Classes of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan , Nam with Nirmal Kaur in scenic sunset view of the Bay of Ieranto . In collaboration with the Symbiotic Association .

Cycle Special Guided Tours
Monday, June 2 – Concert Happy Birthday
Sunday, June 8 – The sea tells stories of networks
Learn the Art – Creative Workshops

Expressive Reading
1 and 22 June , 6, and July 20 , August 3 , 15:00 to 16:30 hours
The voice is the means by which the word is expressed , It allows us to correlate all activities of daily living. Be aware of your voice as an instrument means to improve their communication skills and relationship.

Clay timeless
2, 14 and June 28, 12 and 26 July , 9, and August 23, 27 September 15-18 hours
Not to be missed and go back to learn the techniques of implementation of pottery in all its forms . From theory to practice applied in the field, a place rich in connections with its distant past .

Missed appointments to experience the beauty of our land …